Facility Renovations

Current Status (as of March 2022)

We are finalizing design of Phase 1, and developing construction documents
(See Below for more details)

History / Background Info

  • 2018:  Facility Reserve Study & Member Survey conducted
  • 2019:  Mini-Committees studied key areas: bathrooms, BBQ, kitchen/lounge, fitness center
  • 2019:  Facilities Goals developed;  members approved dues increase to pay for facilities
  • 2020:  Tomaro Architecture created concepts for feasibility reviews with city
  • 2021:  Master Plan developed; and Phase 1 design drafted

Facilities Master Plan

Key Goals of the Master Plan:

  • A comprehensive blueprint to update all areas of the club over time, in a cohesive way to tie all areas together, consistent with the Club’s mid-century modern design
  • Develop a logical timeline for future phases that build on improvements and replace aging infrastructure
  • Get city approval for renovations and modifications
  • Meet ADA requirements
  • Fiscal responsibility

Phase 1 (est. late 2022)

Phase 1 will renovate the entire lower level of the Club building and the upstairs kitchen, including:

  • New men’s and women’s bathrooms
  • New outdoor kitchen/BBQ; relocated to more open area
  • New outdoor seating / counters / sinks / storage along north side of building
  • New mechanical / storage room area
  • All new electrical / plumbing / waste lines
  • New infrastructure elements to prepare for upper level renovation
  • ADA access for all renovated areas
  • New upstairs kitchen, renovated to open up to the lounge area
  • Possible additional bbq / entertainment area in NW corner of pool deck

Next Steps:

  • Input Meetings with members; refine plans
  • May 2022:  Membership vote for Phase 1 (Goal: no dues increase)
  • Sep 2022:  Start construction!

Future Phases

The following are additional areas identified in Master Plan (order to be determined based on aging facility conditions and financial constraints)

  • Complete renovation of Upper level of the Club Building (lounge and windows)
  • Renovate sport court area, sport court entrance, sport court perimeter, seating areas, and storage sheds
  • Rebuild pool and perimeter decking; possible additional bbq / entertainment area
  • Replace Court Building roof; possible solar
  • Repair Club Building roof if and when needed; possible solar
  • Replace Court flooring if and when needed