Renovation 2022: Color Boards

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We have begun the design process to select the color scheme for the new Club renovation!  Our designer has come up with three preliminary concepts.  We will be selecting one by July 31st, and then further refine this with selection of material and finishes.

Please click on each image below to see more details.

Each of the three concepts has a “Color Board” of sample materials in different colors.  In addition, the designer has included sample photos of rooms and scenes that convey how these color schemes would look in a room, or even in a setting.  These scenes are just to give a sense of how these colors would look in real life; please do not think of these as any representation of how any areas in the Club will actually look!

We want your input!  Please cast your vote for which option you like best.   And if you have additional comments, please post them below, thank you.

Option 1 (click on image for more pics)

Option 2 (click on image for more pics)

Option 3 (click on image for more pics)

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May Membership Meeting – May 17th 2020

The Semi-Annual General Membership Meeting was held Sunday May 17th, 2020, under unique circumstances, due to Covid-19.

The new officers recommended by the Board and/or Nominating Committee were voted in favor; specifically:

2020-21 Board of Directors

President:  Yuko Kawasaki
Vice President:  Dean Schoppe
Treasurer:  Terence Tchen
Secretary:  Jody Leventhal
Adult Badminton: Dede Tran
Junior Badminton: Hong Li
Entertainment: Jeff Gurman
House Chair:  Bob Steinberg
New Construction:  Mike Hopkins
Communications:  Lynn O’Connell
Past President:  Art Merkin