What are requirements to attend the Semi-Annual Meetings?

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MBBC By-Laws require voting members to attend both Semi-Annual Meetings each year. Only one meeting per year can be proxied, the other must be in person.  (Playing members are not voting members and do not attend)

A member is allowed to proxy ONE meeting during the year:  Either the 1st meeting in November or the 2nd meeting in May, BUT ONLY IF they attend the other meeting in person.  No meeting credit will be given for a proxy unless you attend the other meeting in person.  Members will be fined $100 for each missed meeting.

Proxy forms must be submitted PRIOR to the meeting, and can be put in the Club Drop Box (outside Kitchen) or sent to our PO Box, but if you want proof of receipt, you should email it to proxies@mbbadmintonclub.com.

To email, simply scan your signed proxy or take a photo of it with your phone.   We will auto-reply with acknowledgement of your email.

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