The Club will be closed starting Monday 12/5

Finally, we are ready to start the renovations to the MBBC main building!

Key Dates:

  • The Courts will be closed from 12/8 – 12/15
  • The Club Building will be closed from 12/5 until construction is completed, estimated Spring 2023

The upstairs kitchen, lobby, downstairs bathrooms, and BBQ area will all be closed.

The jacuzzi, pool, sport court, and patio areas will remain OPEN during construction.  However, there will be no refrigerators, no showers, no appliances, and no TV’s for use.  There will be portable bathrooms set up in the parking lot for member use.

Check your Work Credits and Meeting Attendance Online

To view, login to MBBC and click on the link called “My Account” in the main menu.  From there, you can view your workdays.  Please also review your account info and upload a photo if you have not already done so!

If you think you are missing work credits, please contact the Event Organizer or Board Member responsible for that event.

Please submit your Electronic Consent Form

The form can be found here: